Washington Historical Museum Genealogy Collection

1859 Wall Map, 1875 Atlas Map, 1895 Atlas of Macomb County, Michigan     

1988 VanHoosen Farm Site Archaeological Report      Deborah J. Remer

Addison Album      Barbara D. Stafford

Andrus Family - A Pioneer Family of Washington Township, Michigan      Robert & Cheryl Allen

Bluenosed Bastards of Bodney      Thomas G. lvie and Robert H. Powell

Brewers of Addison Township      Mildred H. Schmidt

Carlton-Carleton Family History      Tim & Karen Smith

Cemeteries of Washington, Macomb County, Michigan      Dawn M. Kyllonen

Early Addison Township History - Bi-Centennial 1976      Barbara Stafford and Mildred Schmidt

Early Days in New England      Henry M. Burt and Silas W. Burt

Family Tree of Curtis, Francisco, Hayes, Keller, Leavel, & LeRoy      Jeanne Gorlick

Genealogy of John and Rebecca Gass of Macomb County      Herschel R. Gass

Historic Mount Vernon      Louise M. Pohly

History of the Crissman Family in Michigan      Laura Crissman Marx

History of the Romeo Community School District 1824-1976      Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli

History of Macomb County (excerpts)      M. A. Leeson

History of the Preston Family      E. R. Wilcox

If This Is Hastings ... Then Where Is Hog's Hollow?      Deborah J. Remer

Images of America - Elgin, Illinois      Jim and Wynelte Edwards

Images of Aviation - Selfridge Field      Deborah J. Larsen & Lt. Col. Louis J.

Lest We Forget Civil War Series - Armada, Bruce, Chesterfield, Lenox, Macomb, Ray, Richmond, Shelby, Washington Townships & Romeo Cemetery    Bob & Cherie Allen

Life of John Baumwart Fares, M.D. and Excerpts From the Gookin Genealogy     Grace Winchester Gookin

Local History and Genealogy      Kraus- Thomson Organization limited

Loren Andrus Octagon House 1860 - Myths, Facts and Legends      Judith A. Anders

Michigan County Histories - A Bibliography      Michigan Dept of Education

Michigan's Habitant Heritage   French-Canadian Heritage Society of Mount Clemens Bath City, U.S.A. Marie McDougal

Mount Vernon in Print - an informal & incomplete book      Mike Jackson

Mount Vernon Cemetery      Mike Jackson

Octagon House      Pauline Weyer Piau

Octagon House - Diary of Phyllis Hamilton      Phyllis Hamilton

People of Washington - A-L     

People of Washington - M-Z     

Sanford/Ogilvie Family History      Tim & Karen Smith

Through These Doors 1916-1972      Washington Mothers Club

Through These Doors 1916-1972 -Index      Bob & Cherie Allen

Washington Center Cemetery Tombstone Transcription Project      Tyler Gill

Washington Obituaries     

Washington Township - Transcription of General Record 1887-1909     Bob & Cherie Allen

Washington Goes to War 1861-1865      Bob & Cherie Allen

Washington Union Church/Washington Community Church Meeting Minutes 1879-1937 (transcription)    Bob & Cherie Allen

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