Memorial Fund

The Memorial Fund was originally formed in honor of Virginia Bond.   She was a wonderful, dedicated, and dependable member of the Washington Historical Society.  The fund has been primarily used to provide support for  the annual George Washington Art Contest.   In the last few years, we have lost a few more individuals who have contributed to the success of the Greater Washington Area Historical Society so we have retitled the fund simply as the Memorial fund.  The people who we remember with great affection for their friendship and volunteer work over many years are:  Chuck and Marceline Edwards;  Stu Nickerson; Frank Heath; Jacqueline Merritt; John Gaskill;  Fred Blonde;  Grant and Laura Williford;  Muriel O’Brien;  John Dyer-Hurdon;  Dick Bellman;  Pauline Eckholm;  Lidiann Sutter;  Susie McConnell; Elaine and Jack Atkins; Art Daniel; Robert Allen; Joe Hoover.


Contributions to the Memorial Fund can made to the Greater Washington Area Historical Society.  

Recent contributions to the Memorial Fund have been made by Susan Hallock,  Louise Shoksnyder, Sue and Dave Droste, Larry and Marilyn Gaskins, Robert and Sharon Hurlbert, David Hallock, Bessie Hallock, and Paula Helsel, Bob and Georgia Burgess, Hollis and Yvonne Thomas, Karin Ingraham, Jerome and  Jeanne Van Orman, Tom and Sandra Berry, Don and Linda Russ, Neil and Susan Rowley, Nancy and Ronald Walker,  and Mary Westman in memory of Marlene Marsh Ebling.    John Thurston in memory of Elizabeth Keeler.  Jim and Jean Holcomb in memory of Joe Hoover.

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