Patrons of the Washington Historical Society

The following individuals have provided financial assistance for the Greater Washington Area Historical Society to preserve the history of this Township and their support is greatly appreciated:  Ron Albert; Eddie and Linda Bellman; William Bentz; Luetta Brough; Dawn Douglas; Norm Hasse; Eileen Hopp; Alice Powell; Edward Preston;  Neil Rowley; Marcia Stephens; Bob Brent; David and Judith Wills; Muriel O”Brien: Pat and Jan Donovan.

In our initial efforts to secure funding for specific major projects, the assistance of the following individuals is acknowledged:  Tim and Karen Smith;  William Bentz; Poljan Insurance Agency(Bronze Level); Romeo Historical Society(Bronze Level); Gayle Wharfield(Bronze Level)  Stoney Creek Bike Shop;  Tom Simpson; Lisa Bousson; Gay and Kim Beal; Linda Centro; Michele and Jim Drzewiecki; Peggy Hoonhout; Linda McClymont; Larry Thom.

Two organizations that have provided significant support to the Washington Historical Society are The King’s Daughters and Sons, Inc., and the Preceptor Delta Beta Sorority. 

Heidebreicht, Inc, has joined us as a patron in 2018.  Parkway - ‘Chrysler.Dodge.Jeep.Ram’ has joined as a patron in 2023.

We would like to thank the following people, organizations, and local businesses for their recent generous donations :

BJ Industries 

Bill Bentz 

Corbin & Corbin 

Jan & Pat Donovan 

Phil Ellis 

Kitty & Mark Fobare 

Friends of the Ray Township Library & Historical Society 

Janet Garrett 

Betty Gordon 

Jennifer Hanson 

Jean & Jim Holcomb 

Kimberly Ludtke 

Linda McClymont 

Mt. Vernon Methodist Church 

Family of M. Obrzut 

Paul Okoniewski 

Lorraine & Frank Plati 

Romeo Historical Society 

Paul Schneider 

Karen & Tim Smith 

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