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Ron Gordon Memorial George Washington Art Contest

   For many years, the Greater Washington Area Historical Society has celebrated George Washington’s birthday in February by having the Museum at 58230 Van Dyke open for an afternoon and sponsor tours and refreshments for visitors.  In 2010, one of our members, Ron Gordon, suggested that we have an art contest in cooperation with the Washington Elementary School and have the students in the 3rd, 4th and 5th grades participate.  The students would draw a portrait of George Washington and their art teacher would submit nine finalists from each grade  for judging by members of the historical society.

  On February 25, 2024, the Museum will be open and the artwork of the  27 finalists will be on display for visitors to see.   And the Museum is open for tours of exhibits in five large rooms.  Of course, refreshments will be  available.  The artwork is to be judged at the end of the day and a winner  selected from each grade plus an overall winner.

     The three winners of the art contest and the overall winner will be  announced at an assembly at the Washington Elementary School on February 27.  All the finalists are  invited to a pizza lunch at the Museum after which tours of the Museum will be conducted.  At the conclusion of the luncheon and tours, all the finalists will be presented with a packet of information including a certificate of participation.

Washington Museum Benefit and Anniversary Dinner.  April 12, 2024



 Super Sunday June 2, 2024

   Super Sunday  will be June 2, 2024.  More information and application on page for Super Sunday 2024.  

Annual Golf Invitational Thursday June 13, 2024

        Most grateful for the support that we have  received from all of our  sponsors  to replace the roof on our local historical landmark, your Museum, and  the work of all the volunteers to make this event a success.  We now have about 80 percent  of the funding needed for the project which includes a complete removal of the roof, sheeting and new shingles.  Funding has come from two very successful golf outings , many individual contributions, fund raising events and generous grant awards from the 4 County Community Foundation and the  Michigan Arts and Cultural Council.  

Book Sale

   The Book Sale is to be held September 8th  and 12th at the Museum.   Donations for the book sale can be left on any Sunday we are open in July and August.

Business Meetings

Second Thursday of each month except December at 11:00 AM.  Business meetings are open to the public.    If you might like to participate, call 248-652-2458 for details. 

Work Days

 Work days are normally scheduled every Thursday, 10 AM - 1 PM,  from May to November.  Please check to see if we are having a work day.

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